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Glorious gin

client: Balls & Glory

partners Filliers Brewery

Since the Balls & Glory restaurants are open at night, they missed a (stronger) drink.

As we know the B&G concept very well (it’s our own child), we tried to work with a local producer for the alcohol base  we needed.

Filliers Brewery helped us with a 28-gin:

For Firmin Filliers the creation of a traditional gin in 1928 was purely a question of logic. Juniper berries played as important a role in the production of gin as it did in the production of jenever.

Firmin went about creating his gin recipe with patience adding a further 28 flavour enhancers from citrus fruits to exotic herbs and strong-flavoured roots. The result earned his product a place of honour on the list of their family of spirits: an exceptionally mild, refined and widely prized dry gin.

We added our own recipe of sugar syrup with a lot of lemon & fennel, topped it with soda & their it was: a glorious gin !

(with a little help from Olivier (Jiggers speak easy bar, Ghent) 🙂


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