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Solo interactive baking


Solo presents the first interactive cooking workshop. The video is the first in a series of international workshops.

We are proud to announce that today we launched together with Solo Open Kitchen an interactive baking workshop experience that combines the best of cooking shows and interactive storytelling. The Unilever brand margarine for baking presents an interactive workshop with three different baking recipes explained by Belgian cook Wim Ballieu.

As the video begins, the cook Wim Ballieu encourages viewers to choose one of the recipes and explore its extra features. The three recipes in the video have an increasing difficulty level. Within each workshop, viewers are able to consult a series of video tips, FAQs and ingredients information to make the best of the cooking experience. Viewers can also have full control over the recipe by using the interactive chapters on the video timeline. Cooking videos have never been so customized!

At the end of the interactive video, viewers can take a small quiz to test their knowledge of the recipes and get a Solo pastry diploma. If wanted, they can also fill in their personal information to subscribe to the workshop. Finally, they are given the chance to share the video with their friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Together with Zentrick, Solo has released this Lead Generation video with the objective of driving engagement by using motivating call to actions and a multi-channel approach. One of the main goals of the video is to reach out to potential new costumers and increase brand awareness. With more than 80 years of expertise in Belgium’s kitchens, Solo presents now the ultimate interactive cooking workshop, where viewers can learn new recipes while enjoying all the interactive fun!

The ‘Solo Bakatelier’ is the first in a series of five interactive baking videos that will be launched in thirteen European countries! The video can be found at Solo Open Kitchen’s website and Facebookaccount. Smakelijk!

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